On behalf of all the worldwide membership of CWAJ and particularly from our members in Tokyo, it is a great pleasure to welcome you to the 64th CWAJ Print Show


We are delighted to introduce 217 prints by 206 artists; some who are emerging artists, some who are well-established and renown, some who create modern, abstract art, and others who make more traditional Japanese images. The variety and the beauty are awe-inspiring. 


With this year’s theme being “Possibilities,” we are excited to exhibit our print show through this website, the CWAJ Online Print Art Gallery, which we launched last year as an alternative platform when an in-person show was not possible. This virtual show can be visited by people from around the globe as CWAJ continues to promote Japanese print art worldwide. 


In addition to the main show, CWAJ is deeply gratified that more than 40 artists working in Japan have donated prints that will also be offered for sale in our “Pandemic Response Print Project”. All of the proceeds from the sale of these donated prints will go toward the CWAJ Pandemic Response Scholarship for Nursing Students, a new scholarship that was offered for the first time in 2021 to six women who are studying nursing in the Tokyo area. CWAJ is proud to support our community and grateful to the artists who generously donated their works for this project.


Toko Shinoda, who was a true supporter of CWAJ and its core mission, passed away in March 2021 at the age of 107. Many of her breathtaking works in sumi ink were submitted to CWAJ Print Shows on 50 occasions, in addition to some special exhibitions. To express our deepest appreciation to Shinoda, we are holding a special program “SHINODA Toko and CWAJ” in conjunction with the 64th Print Show this year.


Since 1949, CWAJ has grown into a not-for-profit volunteer organization with over 400 members from 25 countries who promote art, education, community and friendship. The Print Show is a beloved facet of our organization, and all the proceeds go toward our primary mission, the provision of scholarships. During our 71 years, CWAJ has funded scholarships for more than 850 students. We have supported the Japanese print art community through various grants and travelling shows, and continue our assistance today with the CWAJ “Young Printmaker Award”. By purchasing a print, you will show your appreciation for Japanese print art and also support the next generation of print artists.


We want to express again our deepest appreciation to the exhibiting artists, financial supporters, jurors and CWAJ volunteers who made this all possible. Comments from this year’s panel of jurors are presented below.


Thank you for joining us and please enjoy our print show.





昨年延期された第64回CWAJ現代版画展が本年開催される運びとなりました。著名な大家から新人作家まで総勢206人の版画家による、伝統的なものから、現代的、抽象的なものまで作風も多種多様な217点以上の版画作品を、芸術を愛 する皆様にご紹介できますことを大変喜ばしく感じております。「Possibilities(可能性)」をテーマに掲げた本年の版画展は、新型コロナウイルス感染拡大に伴い会場展示を中止してオンラインのみとなりましたが、会場に足を運べない方々にも国内外を問わず広くCWAJ現代版画展を、そして日本の版画の素晴らしさを知っていただけることとなりました。






本年創立71周年を迎えるCWAJは、1949年、日本人留学生への渡航費援助を目的に東京在住の日米の有志数名により始まり、現在では25か国から集まった約400名の会員を有する非営利ボランティア団体に成長して、芸術と教育の振興、異文化交流を目的に活動しています。これまでに850名以上の学生に奨学金を提供して参りました。また、1956年より開催しているCWAJ現代版画展は、純益をCWAJ奨学金に充てると共に、CWAJヤングプリントメーカー賞、 CWAJ現代版画展賞などを通じて若い版画家の支援にも努めております。





2021 President Jane Grimes, Ritsuko Watanabe
2021 Director of Print Show Ruta Bublyte
2021 Print Show Co-Chairs Ruta Bublyte,  Atsuko Yoshida,  Masami Sakurai



2021CWAJ現代版画展担当役員 ルタ・バブリテ

ルタ・バブリテ   𠮷田篤子




Naotoshi Noda

curator of Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo


I have been reminded anew how much creative pleasure you can derive from the act of drawing, carving and printing when you do each step yourself. I imagine you feel the pleasure all the more strongly because there is a moment when you are separated from your creation by the process of developing the image on a printing plate. While working to embody your message using printmaking techniques, it is important to have a good grasp of your ultimate goal, for this knowledge will help your work’s raison d’être to extend beyond expressing the joy of artistic creation to being a means of communication.

野田 尚稔

世田谷美術館学芸部 学芸員


自 我 自 刻 自 摺 が 創 作 の 喜 び を 存 分 に 与 え てくれ ることを 改 め て 認 識 しまし た。この喜びは、版を介することで、作品が制作者から離れる一瞬が生まれ る た め に よ り 強 く 感 じ ら れ る の で し ょう 。 技 術 と メ ッ セ ー ジ を 組 み 合 わ せ る 創作の過程で、版が持つはたらきを把握することで、作る喜びからコミュニ ケーションのための媒体へと作品の意味を拡げるのだと思います。

Masayuki Takizawa

former Curator of Nagano Prefectural Art Museum

former Director of Ueda City Museum


It is remarkable that the 2021 CWAJ Print Show has received over 400 submissions filled with creative outpourings, despite restrictions put in place amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Considering the cultural transformations that occurred in medieval Europe after the Black Death, I am struck by a relative scarcity of works that reflect changes brought about by the once-in-a-century coronavirus pandemic. This may indicate, however, that although our complex modern society appears fragile, its robust culture has helped to maintain a degree of normalcy. A good range of techniques are represented by the submitted prints. Whether created by hand or using complex digital technologies, many of the works are outstanding, embodying the artists’ creative ideas and often enhanced by the unexpected effects produced during the printmaking process. Especially, those prints that reveal the artists’ aspirations beneath their cool exterior should be properly appreciated. Simple-looking prints could still have presented a unique appeal, regardless of the level of technical skill, if the creators’ intentions had fully come across. Unfortunately, this year has seen few such works.

滝澤 正幸

元長野県立美術館学芸員 同上田市立美術館長



コロナ禍下の社会的現状の中で、様々な想いの籠った400点もの「版」作品 応募があったことは頼もしい。ただし中世欧州における「黒死病後」の文化 的変容を考えると、百年単位の変化期をタイムリーに反映させた作品はあま り見受けられなかった。複雑化した現代社会は一見脆弱ではあるが、文化 的 厚 み は 逆 に 日 常 性 を 失 わ な か っ た の か も し れ な い 。 さ て 、版 の 技 法 的 に は一通りのものが出揃っていた。手の作業もデジタルを活用した複雑なも のも、いずれも作者の意図と「版+プリント」といった作業過程での思いがけ ない効果も含め、力作が揃った。一見クールな表現の中に、作者の熱量が 適切に反映されているものは相応の評価をしてもよいだろう。素朴な作品も そ こ に 作 者 の 想 い が 十 分 窺 え れ ば 、技 術 を 超 え た 味 わ い を 発 揮 で き た だ ろ うが、今回はそういったものが少なかったように思う。

Tatsumasa Watanabe

emeritus professor of Tama Art University


406 artists have submitted their works to the 64th CWAJ Print Show, and its selection process has been conducted by using digital images for the first time due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I have examined the submissions one by one on my PC multiple times, by looking at the enlarged images and consulting the data and the list, while evaluating them in the light of printmaking methods, themes, technical skills and colors. There are many woodcuts, wood engravings and copperplate engravings; other techniques such as lithography, silkscreen, collagraphy and Giclée are also well represented. I have enjoyed a wide range of expression produced by these diverse techniques.

渡辺 達正

多摩美術大学 名誉教授


64CWAJ現代版画展応募者407名。世界的な感染症の中でCWAJ初 の画像審査を終えて。 版種、テーマ性、技術力、色彩を評価しながらPCで11点繰り返し拡大画 像をデータ一覧表で確認しながら選考いたしました。


木 版 画 、銅 版 画 の 出 品 が 多 く 、リ ト グ ラ フ 、ス テ ン シ ル 、コ ラ グ ラ フ 、ジ ー ク レーなどさまざまな版種があり、それぞれの違いが生む多様な表現を見るこ とができました。

Anna-Maria Wiljanen

director of Finish Institute in Japan


I was amazed by the high-quality of many works this year. The subjects of the works were thought-provoking and sometimes challengingas they should be! The methods of depicting were curious and bold, stretching the traditional limits of woodcut and lithography! I would like to encourage all the artists to continue pushing the limits of the material they’re working with and explore even more!

アンナ・マリア ウィルヤネン



今 年 は レ ベ ル の 高 い 応 募 作 品 が 多 く 、な に よ り そ の こ と に 感 銘 を 受 け ま し た。示唆に富んだものから挑戦的なものまでテーマが多岐にわたっていた のも望ましいことに感じました。技法について言えば、興味をそそられる大 胆な表現の作品が目に付き、木版やリトグラフなど伝統的技法の限界を押 し広げている印象を受けました。版画家の方々には、技法はもちろん、作品 に使用する素材についても固定観念に縛られることなく今後ますますの進 化を続けていただくことを願います。

Jane Grimes

CWAJ Representative


It was an honor and a joy to be a juror for the 64th CWAJ Print Show. The first digital jury selection of a CWAJ Print Show is a testament to the dynamic women of CWAJ who volunteer their time in order for artists to exhibit their work and art lovers to have an opportunity to make purchases even under extraordinary circumstances. Japanese print art is alive and well and the women of CWAJ have played an active role in the vitality of this art form. It is inspirational to look through the more than 400 submissions and know that artists young and old are enduring, filling the world with beauty and the hope that art gives us. The CWAJ Print Show is an exceptional show. It offers a wide range of print styles and print techniques and features the works of more than 200 artists in one place. Visiting the exhibition in person or online is a one-of-a-kind, breath-taking experience. It was a privilege to have the opportunity to take part in this show as a juror.




64CWAJ現代版画展の選考委員を務めることができ大変光栄に感じて います。未曾有の状況下にあっても、多くの版画家の作品を展示し、芸術を 愛する皆様に版画の世界に触れていただく機会を設けたいというCWAJ会 員の熱意により、本年はCWAJ現代版画展の長い歴史で初めての画像によ る審査となりました。日本の版画は今なお健在で、高い評価を受けていま す。そして、版画芸術発展の一役を担ってきたのがCWAJです。400点にも 及ぶ応募作品を拝見し、幅広い年齢層の版画家の方々が精魂を注いで創作 活動に勤しみ、作品を通して世界に芸術の美と希望の光を与え続けている 事実を目の当たりにし深く感銘を受けました。CWAJ現代版画展は200点以 上の様式も技法も異なる作品が一堂に会し、本年はオンラインでの作品鑑賞 も可能となりました。このような画期的な版画展に選考委員として携われた ことに心より感謝します。