frequently asked questions


How do I purchase a print?

When you see a print which you would like to purchase, click on the image on the website. This will bring you to a page containing more details about the print. On this page, click on the box labelled “Purchase Inquiry”. This will open an email dialogue form which will allow you to send your purchase request to CWAJ. Please enter your name (either Romaji or Kanji accepted), email address, country to which you wish the print delivered, and any message to confirm your request. Our volunteers will reply to you within 48 hours;  please contact us at cwaj.gallery@gmail.com if you do not receive a reply. 


Please note that payment is accepted via:

  • secure credit card payment via SQUARE 
  • PayPal
  • bank transfer (ginko-furikomi for domestic customers, or international wire transfer for overseas customers )
What is the shipping policy?

All prints purchased by domestic customers will be shipped from CWAJ or directly from the artists after the close of the the CWAJ Print Show, with shipping fees charged upon delivery (chaku-barai).  Thus, if you order prints from multiple artists, separate shipping fees will be due.


Where possible, CWAJ ships via Japan Post EMS service, with fees charged according to the estimated shipping weight (based on the size of the largest print in your purchase); if EMS shipping is not available to your location, we will quote charges from the lowest-cost available shipper. Domestic shipping fees may also be charged for prints which CWAJ does not have on hand.  Additionally, there may be a ¥2,800 Japanese customs inspection fee levied on packages valued at over ¥200,000. 


All shipping charges will be quoted in your purchase invoice, with no additional charges or refunds if actual fees differ from the invoiced amount.

What is the return policy?

All sales are final. If a print is received damaged, we will ask the artist to replace the print. If replacement of the damaged print is not possible, we will refund your purchase price excluding shipping fees. Please note that all requests for replacement will require submission of a photo of the damage to the print.


ご希望作品の画像をクリックすると作品の詳細がご覧になれます。次に「購入に関するお問い合わせ」をクリックするとE-Mailの画面に進みます。そちらにお名前 (ローマ字や漢字)、Eメールアドレス、発送先 (国名)、お問い合わせ内容を明記してCWAJに送信していただきますと申し込みの完了になります。担当者が2日以内にお返事をいたします。こちらからの返信が届かない場合は cwaj.gallery@gmail.com までご連絡ください。


お支払い方法: 銀行振り込み、スクエアによるクレジットカード払い、またはペイパル決済(お客様ご自身の口座からお願いします)。 なお、スクエアでの決済や海外送金をご希望の場合は担当者にお問い合わせください。