“Visualizing the Works of Kawabata Yasunari Through Prints:
Shincho Library Book Covers Exhibition”


Shincho Library has selected fourteen prints from past CWAJ Print Shows to honor the 50th anniversary of Kawabata Yasunari’s death. Kawabata received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1968.


In this special exhibition, the fourteen original prints that were used on the covers of new editions of Kawabata’s books will be displayed along with the Shincho Library books.


[From the magazine Nami April 2022 issue]

“In honor of the 50th anniversary of the death of Kawabata Yasunari, from the end of March through June of this year, starting with Snow Country, Shincho Library will be rereleasing thirteen of Kawabata’s works with new covers. Additionally, Shincho Library will be publishing Kawabata’s Boy in paperback for the first time, for a total of fourteen original book covers.


All of the new covers will feature print artwork (hanga). The prints that Shincho Library selected for the covers were displayed at the CWAJ Print Show, an annual exhibition that introduces modern Japanese print artwork to domestic and foreign audiences. The quiet beauty of the Fushimi Inari Shrine and the nostalgic rural roads depicted in the prints perfectly complement the beauty and warmth of Kawabata’s literature. These prints, which are highly valued the world over, will breathe new life into Kawabata’s internationally acclaimed and widelyread works.”

近現代日本文学代表する作家、川端康成没後50となる今年、 新潮文庫既存川端作品13たに『少年』えた14が新装 され、全14表紙すべての装幀過去CWAJ現代版画展出展作品がばれました





「川端没後五十年わせ、新潮文庫では今年三月下旬~六月にか、『雪国』をはじめとした川端作品(十三書名)のカバーを新装していき ます


カバーをっているのはすべて版画作品です。日本現代版画国 内外紹介する展覧会「CWAJ現代版画展」出品作でまとまりましたそこには幽玄伏見稲荷かしい田舎道などまるで川端文学しさ ともりをったかのような風景ががっていました。海外でも評 価ているこれら版画作品、世界各地でまれている川端作品たな息吹を吹き込むことでしょう。」

Born in 1899 in Osaka. Graduated from Tokyo Imperial University with a major in Japanese literature. In the autumn of 1918, he made his first trip to Izu as a student. From there on, he had long stays in Izu, Yugashima for ten years. With consent from Kikuchi Kan, Kawabata published the Tokyo University literary magazine Shin-shichō (New Tide of Thought) in 1921. As a neosensualist, he explored unique literature. In 1968 he won the Nobel Prize for Literature. On April 16, 1972, he committed suicide in his workroom in Zushi. His works include The Izu Dancer, Snow Country, The Old Capital, The Sound of the Mountain, and The Sleeping Beauties.


1899(明治32)年、大阪生。東京帝国大学国文科卒業。一高時代1918(大正7)年 めて伊豆旅行。以降約10にわたり、毎年伊豆湯長期滞在する。菊池 寛了解21年、第六次「新思潮」発刊。新感覚派作家として独自文学い た68(昭和43)年ノーベル文学賞受賞。72416日、逗子仕事部屋で自死。著書 『伊豆踊子』『雪国』『古都』『山音』『眠れる美女』など多数。