AMANO Kunihiro

1930 – 2020, age of 90

It is with great sorrow that we mark the passing of AMANO Kunihiro, a very special artist who exhibited 35 times in the CWAJ Print Show. He first exhibited in 1956, the year of CWAJ’s first Print Show. As one of only two living artists who had exhibited in the 1st CWAJ Print Show and was still active at the time of  CWAJ’s 60th Print Show Anniversary, CWAJ was pleased to have AMANO Kunihiro as the cover artist for that special Catalogue. CWAJ would like to extend our deep condolences. His long support and generous donations of his artwork are greatly appreciated.

天野 邦弘

1930-2020 享年90


IWAMI, Reika

1927 – 2020, age of 92

Artist Reika Iwami, with whom CWAJ had the honor of having a close relationship for over half a century, passed away in 2020. She participat-ed in the annual CWAJ Print Show 54 times between 1957 and 2019, and in 1985 her print adorned the 30th show catalogue cover. Always taking a keen interest in CWAJ’s activities, she attended with CWAJ members the opening reception held at the British Museum in 1986, the last venue of the 1985-1986 CWAJ Traveling Print Show. Rendered in black and white with gold and silver-leaf accents, her quintessentially Japanese abstract print attracted a great deal of attention, as did its creator beautifully attired in kimono.


Working in the seaside town of Hayama, the artist took inspiration from nature such as the sea, waves and driftwood. Her prints brim with poet-ry, but that should come as no surprise, given that she was well versed in the art of haiku and published collections of haiku. Much sought after, her work always ranked among the top-selling exhibits at the CWAJ Print Show, consequently contributing greatly to the CWAJ Scholarship fund. She was a long-time member of Japan Print Association, and her large-sized print is displayed at the Mainichi Newspapers headquarters.


We would like to express our heart-felt gratitude for her help and support for the CWAJ Print Show and extend our deepest condolences.

岩見 禮花

1927 – 2020      享年92歳


CWAJと長年にわたり深い関係を築いて下さった岩見禮花氏が 2020年に亡くなられました。CWAJ版画展には1957年の第2回展から参加、2019年まで毎回出品されました。第30回展では作品がカタログの表紙となりました。CWAJの活動に常に関心をよせ、 1986年のCWAJ海外巡回展における大英博物館のオープニングにはCWAJ会員とともに参加されました。白黒を基調とし、金箔、銀箔をあしらった日本的な抽象作品は、岩見氏の美しい和服姿とともに英国でも注目の的でした。




岩見禮花氏のCWAJ版画展へのご支援とご協力に感謝申し上げ、 心から哀悼の意を表します。


1913 – 2021, age of 107

It is with deep sorrow that we mark the passing this year of a very special artist and long-time friend to CWAJ, Toko Shinoda. We wish to express our sincere condolences to her family. Her support of CWAJ has been greatly appreciated.

Please see “SHINODA Toko & CWAJ” page for more detail.

篠田 桃紅

1913-2021  享年107歳