Pandemic Response Print Project


Enjoy browsing through this special sale of small prints by more than 40 of our celebrated CWAJ artists who have generously donated their works to support the CWAJ Pandemic Response Scholarship for Nursing Students. These prints are specially priced from 3,000 to 60,000 yen each with many available for 10,000 yen or less. Most prints have only one or two copies available, so don’t hesitate to send in your purchase inquiry for your favorites, and we will reply with the availability and prices. Each customer may purchase up to five prints in total.



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  • AMANO Junji Voice of wind # 02017 天野 純治 2020 30 x 22cm etching ID: 351
  • ARICHI Yoshito Lost City-V A 有地 好登 2016 25 x 20cm etching,/aquatint/embossing/chine collé ID: 355
  • ARICHI Yoshito Red Memory-IB 有地 好登 2019 18 x 25cm etching,/aquatint/chine collé (gold paper) ID: 352
  • ARICHI Yoshito Red Memory-II 有地 好登 25 x 18cm etching,/aquatint/chine collé (gold paper) ID: 353
  • ARICHI Yoshito Lost City-IV A 有地 好登 2016 25 x 20cm etching,/aquatint/embossing/chine collé ID: 354
  • BABA Tomoko Ligne bleue (Ca-4) 馬場 知子 2020 30 x 21cm etching/aquatint ID: 356
  • EBIZUKA Koichi [Water House] 海老塚 耕一 水の家 2021 20 x 29cm mezzotint/drypoint/coloring ID: 357
  • EBIZUKA Koichi [Water at Night] 海老塚 耕一 夜の水 2021 30 x 20cm mezzotint/drypoint/coloring ID: 358
  • ENDO Ryuta ki energy-I 遠藤 竜太 2020 38 x 27cm lithograph/inkjet ID: 359
  • ENDO Susumu SPACE & SPACE T-3F 遠藤 享 23 x 37cm offset lithograph ID: 361
  • ENDO Susumu SPACE & SPACE T-3D 遠藤 享 23 x 37cm offset lithograph ID: 360
  • FUKITA Fumiaki [Morning] 吹田 文明 20 x 15cm woodcut ID: 362