CWAJ extends our sincere appreciation to all its supporters. The generous donations of both corporations and individuals enable CWAJ to continue its mission of more than 70 years of supporting education and women. In 2022, CWAJ proudly celebrates the 50th anniversary of awarding scholarships to Japanese women to study abroad as well as the 40th anniversary of providing scholarships for non-Japanese women to study in Japan. Donations also support print artists, programs for Japanese with a visual impairment, and help CWAJ offer a variety of educational programs in the community.

All donors will be acknowledged in the 2022 Donors List posted on the CWAJ website and distributed with the CWAJ Annual Report. Below are the logos of our corporate supporters.

Japan Foundation Designated Donation Program.

CWAJ welcomes donations of any amount throughout the year. Thank you for considering a donation to support CWAJ. For information or inquiries, please visit:



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