2020 Young Printmaker Award


CWAJ established the Young Printmaker Award in 2005 as part of the 50th Print Show celebration to encourage the development of young artists. Eligible applicants are the artists selected at the Annual Exhibition of the Japan Society of Printmaking. Selected on the criteria of a project proposal, artistic potential and creativity, the recipient is expected to use the cash award of 500,000 yen within one year for a specific project.

CWAJ現代版画展が50周年えた2005、版画界への謝意未 来版画家への期待をこめてヤングプリントメーカー創設 しました。応募資格があるのは、版画学会主催全国大学版画展前 年度優秀賞受賞者です。受賞作めた数点作品賞金活用企 画案をもとに、将来性独創性重点いて審査、毎年1賞金 50万円授与しています

TASHIRO Yukari    田代 ゆかり

I received the Young Printmaker Award in the midst of the COVID pandemic and I had no prospects of making a living. I was able to purchase a press machine with the award money and could conduct research for my production and thesis. It is also very encouraging to have the opportunity to exhibit my work at the CWAJ Print Show three years after winning the prize.


I was inspired to create night scenes when an acquaintance said to me, Its hard to pass by the highway near my ex-girlfriends house.I realized that the same view can look different depending on the memories of the time and who you are with. I have experienced many things thanks to this award. The night views I saw three years ago and the ones I see now seem to have changed.


you "liked"

受賞から3年後に作品を展示できる機会をいただけることは 大変励みになりました。


夜景を描くきかっけは、知人の「彼女の家の近くのインターと か 通 り 過 ぎ る だ け で 辛 い 。」 と い う 言 葉 で し た 。同 じ 景 色 も 見 る時の思い出でや一緒にいる人によって変わって見えるのだ と気付きました。


受賞を通し多くの経験をさせていただきました。 私も3年前見 た夜景と現在見る夜景は変わったように思います。

at 26:00

Born 1985

Fukuoka, Residence: Fukuoka Graduate School of Fukuoka University of Education


• 21st Art Gallery Home Art Exhibition, Judge’s Special Prize


• Solo Exhibition“Yukari Tashiro Exhibition” JINEN GALLERY, Tokyo


福岡県生まれ、福岡県在住 福岡教育大学大学院 修了


• 個展「田代ゆかり展」JINEN GALLERY(東京)

• 第21回アートギャラリーホーム作品募集 審査員特別賞