The 65th CWAJ Print Show Online Gallery is now closed for sales but still available for viewing. Click HERE to view the prints.

第65回CWAJ現代版画展オンラインギャラリーは終了いたしましたが、作品は引き続きお楽しみいただけます。こちら をクリックしてご覧ください。

Thank you for your support


The College Women’s Association of Japan, a 100% volunteer organization, is a group of women supporting women through educations, arts, community and friendship. Founded in 1949, our primary mission is the provision of scholarships that are funded by donations and proceeds from the CWAJ Print Show. We have also supported the print art community through grants and travelling shows and continue our assistance today with the Young Printmaker Award.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to exhibiting artists, financial supporters, jurors and volunteers from all over the world in supporting this event and helping it to be realized.

Please enjoy the diversity of printmaking shown in this unique art exhibition of contemporary Japanese prints.

CWAJ (カレッジウイメンズアソシエーションオブジャパン)1949日 本人留学生への渡航費援助目的設立され女性が女性える 理念 のもと、教育、文化推進めている非営利ボランティア団体ですCWAJ 現代版画展長年にわたって素晴らしい日本版画国内外紹介しつつ、販 売純益でCWAJ奨学金プログラムやヤングプリントメーカーめとした 版画作家への助成・賞等資金面でえています



Special Exhibition

Visualizing the Works of Kawabata Yasunari Through Prints:
Shincho Library Book Covers Exhibition




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2022 Young Printmaker Award

NAGANUMA Sho • 長沼 翔
2019 Young Printmaker Award

YAMADA Hikaru • 山田ひかる
Loro Piana Woman Artist Award

ONODERA Yui • 小野寺 唯

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